Arlo Hotels partners with ArtRepublic to launch immersive art programs

Tue Feb 28 2023

Arlo Hotels, an independent, experience-driven lifestyle hotel brand with properties in New York and Miami, has announced an art collaboration with ArtRepublic, a global curation agency specializing in contemporary digital and immersive public art.

Arlo Wynwood. Designed by Nichols

Arlo Wynwood. Designed by Nichols

The partnership will highlight both brands’ missions of bringing museum-quality works to an accessible space where people of all ages and cultures can engage with powerful artistic experiences beyond simply viewing paintings on a wall.

The first of several planned quarterly exhibitions, “Style and Grace,” is on view at Arlo Hotels’ newest property designed by Nichols Architects, Arlo Wynwood, through May 13. The group show will bring together seven dynamic BIPOC artists on the leading edge of contemporary culture who explore the resilience, strength and persistence endured in the pursuit of self-actualization and celebrating cultural milestones such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Earth Day.

Curated by ArtRepublic founder Jessica Santiago and Octavia Yearwood, “Style and Grace” tells a story that represents the world from a global perspective. It reminds us of our ability to make something out of nothing and how from our pain and trials we create beauty; we create community, art, literature, jazz, gospel, hip hop, style and grace.

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