Cohen Brothers Realty Corp Submits FAA Permits For 24-Story ‘West Palm Point’ Office Tower And Associated Tower Cranes In West Palm Beach – FL YIMBY

Tue Oct 24 2023
West Palm Point. Credit. Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation.

On October 5, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received applications for building permits at 801 South Dixie Highway in downtown West Palm Beach. This pivotal step brings the Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation closer to actualizing its vision for the city’s office market. The New York-based developer envisions a 24-story Class A office building on a 2.4-acre site owned by the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. This structure is intended to “serve as the iconic gateway into Downtown West Palm Beach” and is slated to replace the Okeechobee “Tent Site” Parking Lot.

The design, entrusted to the renowned Pelli Clarke Pelli and supported by Nichols Architects as the architect of record, aims to enhance the city’s architectural skyline further. The tower will subtly taper toward its top and feature “fins” on its sides to emphasize its verticality. The proposed transparent glass curtain wall, adorned with vertical mullions and fins, is designed to interact with sunlight, giving the tower a captivating shimmer. Expansive lobbies on both the eastern and western fronts of the building will further integrate the tower with the surrounding streetscape. The absence of a podium, which typically forms the base from which a tower rises, allows the building’s facades to extend seamlessly from the pedestrian level into the skyline.

West Palm Point. Credit. Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation.

Coined as West Palm Point, this complex is more than just a commercial hub. A pedestrian-centric Paseo, nestled between the towering office space and parking, aims to be a vibrant spot pulsating with retail outlets, alfresco seating, and accessible pathways fostering seamless block movement. The highlight is undoubtedly the towering 30-foot high ground floor lobby, anticipated to create a visual corridor leading right into the energetic Paseo.

Source: Florida YIMBY