Event – Architecture and Design in South Florida

Tue Mar 03 2020

How Are Visionaries Igniting Demand for a Booming Market? NBWW President, Igor Reyes weighs in as a speaker…

With the market’s impressive forecast and growth potential, how are architects ensuring demand for new developments? How are they preparing the city for the years to come keeping sustainability and climate change in mind? Hear from South Florida’s premier architects, designers, and planners and join Mar. 16 us as we examine the most important trends impacting architecture and design, and strategize their application to create the South Florida of tomorrow.

What You’ll Learn

  1. As sustainability becomes the new norm in real estate, what trends can we expect this year?
  2. We continue to see the combination of property types, what should you be thinking about when bringing your creative visions to life?
  3. Open floor plans vs. private offices: How are top architects designing space that is conducive to both collaboration and productivity?
  4. With a rapidly growing market, how are South Florida’s leading architects designing a modern metropolis? What architectural risks are you taking?
  5. How are construction costs impacting design?


Major Trends Inside & Out
What is the Region’s Interiors & Ground Up Architecture Forecast?

Igor Reyes

Igor Reyes
Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates

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