Fontainebleau Miami Beach to Unveil 45,000 Square Foot Coastal Convention Center in Q4 2024 – HNR Hotel News

Tue May 14 2024

Fontainebleau Miami Beach will celebrate one of the most significant expansions in its seven-decade history with the opening of the all-new Coastal Convention Center in Q4 2024. Spanning five stories and 45,000 square feet, this state-of-the-art facility features a versatile, modern design to elevate customized business and leisure events – ranging from personal and intimate to grand, large-scale events – within Miami’s booming social and convention tourism industry.

Conceived by Fontainebleau Development and brought to life by Miami-based Nichols Architects, and interior design firm Jeffrey Beers International, the Coastal Convention Center blends elegance and modernity while paying homage to Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s rich brand heritage and the architectural legacy crafted by original architect Morris Lapidus. As Fontainebleau prepares to celebrate 70 years of timeless design and unmatched style this year, the Coastal Convention Center marks a new chapter for the storied resort, ushering in a new era of events on the beach.

“The Coastal Convention Center will be a jewel in the crown of Fontainebleau Miami Beach and also this city’s social and tourism sector – a new, magnificent home for business and leisure events along the oceanfront,” says Fontainebleau Development Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Soffer. “This is the next evolution of our brand, further solidifying our role as a global hospitality leader, and we look forward to showing guests the world-class features and unparalleled service that are synonymous with the name Fontainebleau.”

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Fontainebleau Convention designed by Nichols Architects

Fontainebleau Convention Center designed by Nichols Architects