Miami Worldcenter Construction and Progress updates

Mon May 09 2022

Miami Worldcenter recently announced the completion of Block H, which adds retail and parking components to the 27-acre project, and construction begins on Jewel Box

Miami Worldcenter Overview

Miami Worldcenter Overview

Miami Worldcenter, Florida’s largest private urban development, will have a diversified mix of residential, business, and hospitality uses, as well as 300,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and entertainment space. Miami Worldcenter Associates, directed by principal Art Falcone and managing partner Nitin Motwani, is developing the project in collaboration with CIM Group.

At Miami Worldcenter, about 176,000 square feet of retail space have already been built, with another 124,000 square feet still under construction and scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year. Chicago’s Maple & Ash and Etta restaurants, Miami chef Michael Beltran’s Brasserie Laurel and El Vecino, Bowlero, Sephora, and Lucid Motors are among the development’s newly announced tenants.

Construction begins on Jewel Box in Miami Worldcenter

CIM Group and Miami Worldcenter Associates have commenced construction on the Jewel Box in Miami Worldcenter. The iconic Jewel Box is intended to become a world-class signature retail component of the 27-acre Miami Worldcenter.

Located at 150 N.E. Eighth St., Block F-East, Jewel Box is bordered by the CitizenM boutique hotel which is currently under construction on the westside, along with the tower Bezel luxury apartment which is towards the north.

Jewel Box designed by Nichols Architects

Jewel Box designed by Nichols Architects

According to the design plans, the Jewel Box in Miami Worldcenter will be a two-story building with a glass design from floor to ceiling, occupying 78,264 square feet of retail space and a total building size of 135,208 square feet. The plan also includes a rooftop overlooking the World Square plaza and public space at the end of a commercially lined pedestrian stroll.

Other companies involved in this development include the Miami-based BDI construction, as the general contractor and Coral Gables-based Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates (Nichols Architects), as the designers. The project is expected to be completed around the second quarter of next year.

The Jewel Box in Miami Worldcenter will exhibit traditional retailing spaces, courts for food and beverages, as well as an entertainment hub. All these features will be designed with efficient linkage to the residential, hotel, and office areas within the master-planned development. The site will also have a wide range of transit connections, as it lies adjacent to Miami central station, providing routes to various parts of Florida.

Shaul Kuba, the Co-founder and principal of CIM Group, pointed out that the project is aimed at attracting Miami locals and foreigners as well.  He explained that this can be achieved by creating vibrant conditions which combine a proper mix of diverse entertainment, eclectic dining, and boutique retail options.

Ntin Motwani, the managing partner of Worldcenter Associates said the concept and design of the Jewel Box in Miami Worldcenter portray the views of brands across Florida and around the world.

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