Miami Worldcenter to get 53-story condos-and-hotel tower by Nichols Architects – Miami Today

Thu May 02 2024

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A developer is bringing a new mixed-use residential tower that will include a hotel and outdoor dining to Miami Worldcenter. Miami A/I Parcel 3 Subsidiary LLC has presented a plan for Miami Worldcenter Block C East at 155 NE 10th St., in the northern edge of the booming Miami Worldcenter District.

This project will be a 53-story mixed-use tower with a 280-key hotel, along with 351 luxury condominiums, commercial-retail uses including a two-story restaurant, and a parking podium for up to 331 vehicles.


The tower was designed by Nichols Architects.

Igor Reyes of the design team said at the 24th floor is an open two-story amenity deck with a bar, activity spaces, swimming pool, stepped terraces, lounge areas, and an amphitheater.

Board member Ligia Ines Labrada said, “As far as your vehicular circulation, you’ve done an amazing job in bringing the vehicles into your building and away from the street. I love how you’ve broken up the different podiums and given that reprieve. I was particularly interested in your landscaping.

“I think it’s an elegant project, and you’re facing and adjusting to that plaza and giving it that smaller scale, and pushing your tower east gives it a really nice pedestrian feel. Nice job,” she said.

Board member Agustin Barrera said, “I like the way the project is layered. It’s very clear. You don’t have to sit there and try to figure out what’s happening.

“You can see your base at the pedestrian level, I like the scale there, you can see the pedestal for the parking structure and how you’ve dealt with it.

“I like the fact that the vocabulary between the residential and the hotel isn’t completely different. Sometimes architects will do that, where they are completely detached, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

“I like the fact there are similarities, so you can tell they’re part of the same development … and I like the way the amenity levels open up, they come from one side and open to the other. It’s a good project … you worked a lot on the ground floor, which was challenging,” said Mr. Barrera.

Board Chair Ignacio Permuy said, “Only positive things to say. Exceptional job. I really like the massing and placement of the building, and I think it’s going to be a great fit for the immediate area.

“Very well done. It’s not overdone. It’s very clean. The articulation is very straightforward. Beautiful work. Very elegant.
“I do like how you treated the pedestrian scale; it looks inviting,” Mr. Permuy said.