Charleston Hotel

ClientStrategic Property Partners
StatusIn progress
SectorArchitects of Record
A remarkable project is set to redefine luxury hospitality in South Carolina. By blending the city's historical charm with the expertise of a leading hotelier brand, this development will offer a unique and elevated experience for the modern traveler.
Strategic Property Partners
Architects of Record
Charleston, SC
In progress
Time span
2023 - present
300,600 sf
Morris Adjmi Architects as lead designers, Nichols Architects as executive architects
Additional data
8 stories, 150 keys

Following the successful partnership between SPP, Morris Adjmi Architects, and Nichols Architects on the EDITION Tampa, the team is thrilled to embark on a new venture, now in the historic streets of Charleston, South Carolina. This mixed-use project draws inspiration from Charleston’s rich tapestry of architectural styles, spanning from colonial times to the modern era. The design will highlight meticulous craftsmanship and detail, setting a new standard for blending historical respect with modern transformation.

The team’s commitment to preservation has guided the creation of a hotel that not only honors but enhances Charleston’s cultural and material heritage. By integrating the city’s vibrant culture and historical charm, this project aims to offer a seamless fusion of past and present, ensuring that Charleston’s architectural legacy continues to be appreciated by future generations.

Partner In Charge

Adolfo Reyna
Adolfo Reyna

Project Lead

Stefany Roth
Stefany Roth

Project Team

Daniela Motta
Daniela Motta
Dima Chiriacov
Dima Chiriacov