1450 Brickell

ClientRilea Group
StatusCompleted, 2011
The dramatic angular design for the building was inspired in part by the site, which was located on an acute corner (with approximately a 70-degree angle) where the street grid rotated, creating the opportunity to present a sharp edge to the building.
Rilea Group
Miami, Florida, United States
Completed, 2011
Time span
2006 - 2011
550,500 SF
Bruce Brosch, Igor Reyes, Terrence Etienne, Kenny Gauthreau

From Urban Land Institute:


Notes Bruce Brosch, partner at Nichols, the architect for the project, “We pulled the building all the way to the corner for visibility and to create a more sculptural response to the program and the site.” Although the office building is the second phase of the project that began with One Broadway, the designers and developers chose to go with a completely different design for the exterior of the building. Thus, it has a very different shape and is clad in completely different materials than One Broadway, although the buildings are joined at the base by a parking structure.

Fourteen Fifty Brickell is a LEED Gold–certified building, which incorporates numerous features that make it especially resilient and resistant to hurricanes. Its most distinguishing design element is the impact-resistant blue glass arranged in a variety of angular shapes across the facades.


1450 Brickell Tower Becomes Miami’s First LEED Gold Office Building

Just days after unveiling that 1450 Brickell now has 226,000 square feet of office space leased, the project’s developer announced today that the ‘class-A’ building has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nation’s accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of environmentally-sound buildings. This makes 1450 Brickell the Downtown Miami/Brickell market’s first and only office tower to achieve LEED Gold status in the core and shell category, which applies to new construction.

The 35-story, 582,817 square foot office tower’s LEED Gold certification coincides with receipt of its Certificate of Occupancy, which verifies that the building is in compliance with all local building codes and is safe for permanent occupancy.

LEED Gold certification

“In earning its LEED Gold certification, 1450 Brickell has set a new standard for the sustainable design and construction of new commercial office buildings in Miami. As tenants seek opportunities to become more environmentally-conscious in line with their business principles, properties like 1450 Brickell will stand out from the competition. Recognizing this trend toward green buildings and the cost efficiencies created by sustainable design, we set out to build Miami’s most sustainable office tower. We are now seeing this commitment materialize in the form of strong leasing activity among the market’s top-tier corporate tenants.”

Bruce Brosch
Bruce Brosch
Legacy Partner

1450 Brickell features a range of efficient strategies and technologies that enhance the health and productivity of its tenants while reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

Partner In Charge

Bruce Brosch
Bruce Brosch
Legacy Partner
Igor Reyes
Igor Reyes

Project Lead

Terrence Etienne
Terrence Etienne
Senior Associate

Project Team

Kenneth Gauthreaux
Kenneth Gauthreaux
Senior Associate